InterTech provides tank bottom floor and annular plate inspection by advanced NDT methods Floormap 3DiM-R and Handscan with Magnetic Flux Leakage Technology where magnetic field passes between poles through the bottom plate and detects the flux leakage from the defect. Where accessibility is less Handscan equipment will be used for the inspection.

The Floormap3Di-R is fastest tank bottom inspection system with scanning speeds variable up to 1 m/s. The Floormap will improve your inspection efficiency whilst improving accuracy and data quality.

The Floormap combines two distinct technologies, MFL and STARS. The introduction of STARS (Surface topology air-gap reluctance sensors) enables the scanner to determine whether there is corrosion top side, bottom side or below the surface coating.

High resolution sensor provides excellent probability of detection down to indications that measure 2mm in diameter. This coupled with advanced signal processing and defect classification tools significantly improves the corrosion detection and sizing capability.

InterTech uses powerful and efficient reporting software SIMS to create high quality reports on tank condition and archiving of inspection results for traceability. SIMS imports data form Floormap3Di and automatically positions each of the separate plate files together to produce a CAD Drawing of the entire tank floor showing the location and severity of all corrosion over specific value. 

Benefits of Floormap MFL:

  • Advanced defect sizing and classification tools
  • Auditable inspection data
  • Full tank floor mapping
  • Full data recording
  • High probability of detection
  • Field proven durability & reliability

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