Automated ultrasonic corrosion mapping is designed to evaluate the condition of assets as storage tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels and other critical equipment, supporting efficient inspection programme that support integrity management processes to ensure effective and safe operation.

Automated ultrasonic scanners controlled by high performance system controller provides very high speed coverage with real time image display.

AUT can be applied on pipelines, Pressure vessels, Reactors, Storage Tanks, ship hulls and Critical Equipment 

  • Ultrasonic data recorded for permanent records
  • Accurate results and repeatable inspections
  • Reduces cost by minimizing vessel entries and unnecessary repairs
  • Large areas scanned in quick time
  • Inspection performed while equipment is in service Information used for remaining life programs (RBI,RLA)

Collected data is available in real-time and displayed in multiple and layered views. This enables the technician to assure all potential anomalies are clearly identified before moving to the next inspection location.

This enables the simultaneous measurement of part thickness, internal surface profile, and external surface profile. The flexibility of the software enables the field technician to make appropriate modification and adjustments to highlight particular indications or anomalies.

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