A Leading organization comprising of international technology for providing inspection services and solutions in the Libyan territory.

InterTech is one of the Leading organization in the Libyan Territory to provide reliable, cost-effective inspection services. No matter what integrity challenge you face, you can rely on InterTech to have the technicians and technology to get the job done right.

Committed to delivering a higher level of reliability, INTERTECH provides an unrivaled spectrum of services to support the safe operation of industrial assets. Our services include conventional and advanced nondestructive testing and examination inspection, (industrial services and NDT) and condition-based monitoring services.

Our advanced NDT services help you reduce overall costs of inspection, decrease maintenance costs, and ensure reliable operating processes. We provide a full spectrum of in-lab and callout advanced NDT services

Our commitment to innovation is ongoing, as is our development of programmes to support the integrity of your assets and to significantly lower your costs of operation. We are pleased to serve many of the Oil and Gas industry with our wide range of inspection services such as and not limited to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services, which includes,

  • Advanced Non-Destructive Testing
  • Tank Inspection by Advanced NDT Methods
  • Tube Inspection by Advanced NDT Methods
  • Conventional Non-Destructive Testing services
  • Specialized Testing services
  • API inspection services

InterTech’s inspection services are supported by an organizational department with comprehensive programs for safety, technical training and quality systems that work to standardize the execution of the service with consistently repeatable results.

Local professionals with all- encompassing resources

Our formula for success is being straightforward and having a good team: being eminently efficient, with certified, well-trained and well-equipped personnels supported by competent, experienced and sophisticated leaders.

We support our teams with subject matter experts in advanced inspection methods and technologies. Our Inspectors, engineers and technicians have ready access to the resources required to solve complex customer problems in real time, providing a higher level of reliability at a lower overall cost.

Local competence is further supported by a corporate commitment to exceptional service, with subject-matter experts, management systems, and best-in-class technology to assure that the efforts provided also represent the best methods globally.

Committed to quality assurance

INTERTECH’s commitment to safety, quality and professionalism is given the atmost importance. Our commitment to improvement is ongoing and core to our culture. We strive for incident free work environments and continuous service improvement. Our commitment to safety and quality assurance is evidenced through our industry certifications and our strict adherence to industry standards.

Vision and Values

We endeavor to outpace our customers’ expectations while maintaining the apical industry standards, by providing safe working environments, respecting the dignity of every employee, and curtailing our impact on the environment.

Our Core Values

Our core values are preeminent to our success, and to providing you with excellent service.

  • Safety – all incidents are avertible. “Each employee to reach home safely, every day.”
  • Integrity – do the right thing every time, beneath all circumstances.
  • Ownership – It’s our job to own every job we take and to ensure we provide cost-effective solutions that provide our customers with excellent service.
  • Innovation – We invest heavily in new ideas, new technology, and training our team in new possibilities so we can present every option to solve your challenges at the most economical cost possible.
Safety , Integrity and passion safety

All incidents are avertible.

Confidence and awe materialize by performing the right actions Possessing a marvelous task occurs from doing a marvelous job

Quality, Efficiency, Service

Quality comes from regimen and discipline

Unending enhancements and improvement propels productivity

Service means outpacing expectations


Employ Excellent resources

Training persuades precise application


A greater degree of reliability, in all what we do, we commit to endeavor for the paramount level of safety, effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Maintaining a legitimate safety culture, concordant with facts and not just words on a page
  • Understanding the absolute sequence of the specialists, apparatus and procedure that best addresses our clients’ requirements.
  • Working with our “bright eyed team” to find favorable circumstances to get greater productivity and fewer downtime for our clients’ equipment.
  • Developing “Service degree measures” for reviewing our performance at each work location, and ensuring we understand our clients in periodic “Stewardship Meetings” where we review our performance.

It’s arduous than it might seem.

We devote a lot of time thinking and re-thinking how we can evolve more reliability into the demanding and pivotal work that we accomplish. We believe if we persist to thrust the horizons of reliability, we will perpetuate our success.